Years and years of experience along with our unceasing thirst for new trends often lead us to seminars both in Greece and abroad. We make sure that we are always well-informed so that we can recommend to you the ideal ladies’, men’s or kids’ cut for your facial features and style. It is of utmost importance to us to keep up with all the latest developments in the field of Haute Coiffure and we are experts at classic as well as modern hairstyles. We cover a wide range; geometric, allegro, short, long, hairstyles that follow your hair’s natural shape so that you always look smart without struggling every day. You might see us cutting hair with one, two or even three pairs of scissors at the same time! Try it and you won’t regret it!


We like having a constant and long-term relationship with you, since our major concern every time you decide to change the colour of your hair is to achieve the best possible result without damaging its health. We only use the finest product across the market. In case of an allergy, we opt for exclusively natural and organic products of high quality which treat your hair gently. Products that contain yoghurt and calendula extracts, made with organic ingredients which guarantee 100% hair coverage and are ammonia and PPD-free. For bold changes and special colour shades, we apply specific products and treatments which protect your hair and do not allow its tissue to be damaged. We are colourists; we never stop training and we always seek for the best products for your hair!



A date to impress, your daily hair care for work, your best friend’s wedding, the party where you will shine, your wedding day; Just a few of the reasons why you deserve a unique hairstyle. We have a very strong game going on, with our brushes and blow-dryers so that you exit our salon the way you like it, extravagant, romantic, minimal- just relax and leave everything to our imagination! ας!


Treatments are essential for the health of your hair, which daily must face weather conditions, shampoos with high PH or extensive use of thermal tools among other things. Furthermore, due to technical services, your hair often gets dehydrated, breaks or frizzes. We always recommend to you, treatments and products that we have tried first, with quite impressive results!



One of the tiniest details that can radically change the way you look. Well-groomed brows enhance your look and create a sense of harmony! Give us the chance to find and create the shape that is best for you!


Nothing says “smart” better than a nicely trimmed moustache and beard! By giving it a shape following your face lines along with your personal style of course, you have a perfect total look guaranteed for the whole day!
It’s high time we took care of it!