For men and women

What matters the most, in order to achieve a successful haircut, is a fine technique along with the innate sense of the proper hairstyle that will suit you and your image, whether classic, timeless or modern.

Our high quality colours can be a great final «touch» for your new haircut. Our special care products nourish your hair, helping it regain it's natural shine, while our excellent quality finishing products provide control and movement at the same time, for a successful and easy everyday look.

Our qualified hair stylists, specialised in men’s colour needs, know how to eliminate grey hair and still help you preserve your natural look.

For children

Our salon is children-friendly! For our little friends, we offer special haircuts, since we do know that not only parents look for something different when it comes to their hair!


For the happiest day of your life, feel free to impress with an exceptional hairstyle. With our experience, your hair styling will reflect your personality. Sophisticated short hair, long hair in any kind of an updo, headbands with real flowers or veils, we promise a fine result that will make you feel unique, attracting everyone’s attention! 

Botox Hair

Deep care BTX HAIR is a hydro-nutritive and anti-aging treatment, which can revive and tame hair. It adds shine and softness while eliminating frizz. From the first application, it penetrates the hair to repair damaged areas, and moisturizes the hair making it more manageable, and facilitates brushing.

Lisse design keratin therapy

Progressive straightening treatment with keratine for all hair types.Specially designed for colour treated and fragile hair.It eliminates the frizz , it is 100% safe (paraben and formaldehyde free).It conteins babassu oil wich makes hair velvety and glossy and has lasting result(up to 3 months)!Give your hair what it deserves!

 In NOTIS Hair Salon, you can also find…

>You can relax while having your hair washed, on our shiatsu massage chairs. Close your eyes and enjoy!

> Free wi-fi internet!

> Due to our equal respect for smokers and non-smokers, we provide a specially designed back yard for smokers, where you can relax while having a coffee, reading or surfing on the internet!


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