In NOTIS hair salon, the high quality of hair extensions is our priority. That’s why we prefer GREAT LENGHTS hair- so unique you can feel the quality, fine processing and bright colours in every single strand!!

The high quality 100% natural hair extensions can be used to add volume where needed. Along with your hair, the extensions can structure modern looks and ethereal styles.

You can find the extensions in any colour you desire, without having to trouble your real hair.

Great Lengths method of bonding relies on keratin, a polymer compound whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair. The strands have been designed to be compatible and resistant to elements such as wind, sunlight and sea, as well as sports! Easy to deal with, comfortable and INVISIBLE!

Great Lengths Flowstrands add a totally new dimension to the subject of hair colour. Due to the colour graduation, from a natural, dark shade to a lighter colour in the lower half of the strand on our base shade range, they can be beautifully integrated into the natural hair. No one could ever find out that this is not your hair!

Every woman deserves a unique hairstyle that would bring out her beauty!


Create your own high level fashion with Great Lengths Hair Extensions!!


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