Happy day

There is a price party going on in our salon every Wednesday and Thursday!
We lower the prices in cuts, colour and styling!

Cut and colour from 72€ only 62€
Colour and styling from 65€ only 60€
Cut – Colour – Styling from 93€ only 78€!


Available every day from 15-17€

Total look

Cut and styling available every day from 47€ only 43€

Mani/Pedi (regular)

Available every day from 33€ only 28€

Styling and manicure (regular)

Available every day from 35€ only 28€

Semi-permanent manicure and regular pedicure

Available every day from 37€ only 33€

Styling and semi-permanent manicure

 Available every day from 39€ only 34€

Gift card

  Give your beloved ones a Gift card with the service you like or a specific amount to be spent, from Notis Haute Coiffure! Styling, cut, treatments, colour, manicure/pedicure, eyebrow shaping, hair and body products; just a few of all the options available!